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5 September 2014

Good Day All

Please click here for the letter we have sent to various local newspapers for inclusion in their next editions.

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Best regards
Jacky Green
Admin. Manager


28 August 2014

It was brought to our attention that the pipes under the temporary causeway were beginning to block again and as a precaution, bearing in mind we are expecting heavy rains from late afternoon today, your Residents Association organised our friendly contractor, Duncan Lethbridge, to clear out the entrances of the pipes. 

We cannot afford for this causeway to be washed away and you are all aware that our Provincial authorities have been banned from touching the temporary causeway until such time that they have paid the fine levied on them by DEDEAT.

St Francis Bay Residents Association

26 August 2014

Nigel, our Chairman, had a meeting with Willie Botha of the municipality regarding the atrocious condition of our roads.  He has indicated that to speed up the process he will be using the Humansdorp team to assist until such time as most of the potholes are repaired.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this materialises.

On another note, the heavy seas over the weekend have done significant damage to our beaches.  All the sand that built up beneath the revetments since late last year has been washed away.

Peter Crescent stairs - 26 Aug 2014
George Road Beach access

Peter Crescent Stairs – 26 August 2014

George Road Beach Access

26 August 2014

Further to our communique regarding the monkey signs that were removed/stolen it has been brought to our attention that an anonymous person wrote to one of the local newspapers stating that:-

the signs were not “asking people not to feed the monkeys”, their wording was high handed and authoritarian.  The town attracts people who live in harmony with each other and nature, do we really still need signs that demand unquestioning obedience and punishment?”

It is unfortunate that the wording on this sign might have sounded authoritarian however we have repeatedly asked people to refrain from feeding the monkeys and this has largely ignored.  We all want to live in harmony with nature however; the removal of these signs is only going to further aggravate the situation as some residents have threatened to shoot the monkeys.  This we must avoid at all costs.

The writer also does not take into consideration that thousands of Rands of damage to the thatch of houses has been experienced. 

The only reason that the monkeys stay in this village is because they are being fed.

It appears ‘we are damned if we do and we are damned if we don’t!’

St Francis Bay Residents Association



The Kromme River, quite apart from being an area of outstanding natural beauty, is one of the most important tourism amenities in the Kouga Region. It is a major reason for the success of St Francis Bay as a tourism and holiday destination. As such, it is an important contributor to the local economy. However, it is now faced with multiple inter-related problems. This survey is an attempt to assess public opinion on how some of these issues can be addressed.

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14 August 2014

After receiving many, many complaints about the monkey activity in the village, the Residents Association ordered four signs warning the public Not to Feed the Monkeys. These have been erected in the areas where the activity is most prevalent. It is hoped that if everyone adheres to this request the monkey activity will decline.

Godfrey Magaba and Simon Tenjane assisted in erecting these boards.

St Francis Bay Residents Association




New tourism Signs go up in St Francis

Nigel has been supervising the erection of the new tourism signs that went up early August.

People in pic one are Nigel Aitken, Godfrey Magaba and Simon Tenjane


Notice:   The Annual General Meeting of the Democratic Alliance in St Francis will be held on Friday 22 August 2014 at 18:00 in the Village Hall (Bowls Club).  All DA members and the general public are welcome.  The central theme will be: The future of Kouga and Greater St Francis is in your hands. The guest speaker will be Elza van Lingen MP, our constituency public representative.

Kennisgewing:   Die Algemene Jaarvergadering van die Demokratiese Alliansie in St Francis vind plaas op Vrydag 22 Augustus 2014 om 18:00 in die “Village Hall” (Rolbalklub).  Alle DA lede en lede van gemeenskap is welkom. Die sentrale tema van die aand sal wees:  Die toekoms van Kouga en Groter St Francis is in u hande. Die geleentheidspreker sal Elza van Lingen LP, ons kiesafdeling se publieke verteenwoordiger, wees.


11 August 2014

The following is a letter of total dissatisfaction to our municipality regarding the state of our roads and infrastructure in St Francis Bay.  One of the reasons for writing this letter was that your Chairman and Councillor Ben Rheeder met with the Municipal Manager on the 18th June with a list of issues that needed to be addressed in Greater St Francis Bay.  Promises were made but to date none of the issues have been addressed.  The time of being ignored must stop.

St Francis Bay Residents Association

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Rates Policy to be reviewed

Kouga Council votes for R 691 million budget

03 April 2014

Please see attached a letter we received from the KLM concerning safety and security on the Kromme River.

If you could choose any special place in the world to live, then surely St. Francis Bay would feature high on your list. In order to preserve our village and its amenities, it is critical to have an Organization that works with the Local Authorities to preserve our Environment and to Maintain & Improve our facilities. The St. Francis Bay Residents Association fulfils this role.

The St. Francis Bay Residents Association consists of Portfolios on The Beach, Municipal Services, Canals, Environmental, Land-Use, Nuclear, Tourism, Fire Protection, Social Services, Finance, Security, Valuations and Secretarial & Communication.

Regular emails are sent out to all Members keeping them informed about matters in the village and alerting them to issues that need their attention. The SFB Residents constantly interact with the Municipality in order to improve service delivery and act on behalf of residents where required.

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